About Us

Budha Eximp & HR Private Limited is in the field of export business for the last more than twelve years. Its commodity export division is fast growing with a current turnover of Rs.100 million employing about 35 people. The business operations are undertaken from Company owned four storied commercial building in West Delhi with all modern communication facilities. The Chairman and four Directors of the Company belong to same family, which facilitates smooth functioning and accountability

The HR business of the Company is undertaken observing the rules and regulations of the country as well as the host country to which candidates are selected. We always take care to protect the interests of the candidates to the maximum extend possible. The rules relating to job visa, work permit, PR, Investment Visa, student Visa etc. change in various countries from time to time. We at Budha take care to counsel the candidates with the latest country wise information so that they can take proper decisions.


V Asokan: (Founder) (18/03/1945 to 13-12-2013):
Mr V Asokan was a member of the Indian Economic Service and retired as an Adviser to the Planning Commission, Government of India. He was enrolled as an Advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi, India. He was also a social activist holding responsible positions in social, educational and charitable societies.

Prem Asok: (Managing Director) (+91-9911308476):
Mr Prem Asok is responsible directing and controlling the work and resources of the company and ensuring the recruitment and retention of the required numbers and types of well-motivated, trained staff to ensure that it achieves its goals and objectives. He is also responsible for providing strategic advice and guidance to the members of the Board, to keep them aware of the developments related to the business of the Company. As per needs, he deals with major customers, relevant government departments and agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers and other stakeholders to ensure that the company is providing appropriate and quality services. He ensures that the business of the Company is carried on without infringing ethical values.

He is a Computer Engineer with Master's in Business Administration (e-commerce) from University of Luton, UK.

Praveen Asok: (Director – Sales)
Mr Praveen Asok directs the sales division of Budhaeximp & HR Pvt Ltd, coordinating international, regional, and local publicity campaigns and sales initiatives. He is responsible for recruiting and training the sales staff, allocating responsibilities to the sales team, developing sales strategies and setting sales targets, monitoring the team’s performance and motivating them to reach targets, and compiling and analysing sales figures. He also maintains direct relationships with some of the major customers, collecting customer feedback and doing market research. He was a key personnel in the development of the feedback mechanism which has been a major reason behind the operational success of the company.

Prashant Ashok: (Director - Operations):
Mr Prashant Ashok has been handling the operations in the company. Since the time he has joined our company, he has been imparting his vast knowledge attained during his tenure with various multinational companies. He is a Graduate in Humanities. His profile in the company is concerned with overseeing, designing, and redesigning business operations in the production of goods and/or services. It involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. It is concerned with managing the process that converts inputs (in the forms of materials, labour, and energy) into outputs (in the form of goods and/or services).